Graham Meyer is a writer, editor, composer, and crossword puzzle constructor based in Chicago. He reviews restaurants for Crain’s Chicago Business and covers classical and new music for Chicago magazine. His music has been performed by Musae and the Princeton Katzenjammers. His puzzles have appeared in the Los Angeles Times and The New York Sun.


The numbers are miserable: In December, the unemployment rate in Illinois surged to 7.6 percent as the local economy shed 36,000 jobs, while the national picture was roughly as bleak. During the second week of January, the state paid out more than $92 million in unemployment benefits. Which is why our package about the salaries of Chicagoans may be more useful than ever. In good times, spying on your neighbor’s paycheck provides a voyeuristic thrill. In times like these, knowing who makes what i …

February 15, 2009

The third salary survey I edited for Chicago magazine, a task in which hours of reporting lead to just a few names and numbers. When this published, 7.6 percent unemployment in Illinois was “bleak.”

March 15, 2008

The second salary survey I edited for Chicago, and thus far the only interview I’ve ever done with a dominatrix.

March 15, 2006

The first salary survey I edited, which was something of a rush job, as I was sicced on it late in the game after things stalled out. They stalled out because it’s really, really hard to get good information for these.